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Welcome to Elisa Virtual, your one-stop solution for personalized virtual assistance! I'm Elisa Mitchell, the heart and soul behind this endeavor, and I'm thrilled to extend a warm welcome to you.

Being a virtual assistant, it's not just a business; it's a personal commitment to helping you succeed in today's dynamic world. As the sole employee and founder, I bring a wealth of expertise, dedication, and a passion for efficiency.

With my services you're not just outsourcing tasks; you're gaining a trusted partner dedicated to making your life easier and your goals more achievable.

Together, we'll embark on a journey of productivity, effectiveness, and turning your ambitions into accomplishments. It's a pleasure to have you on board, and I look forward to assisting you on your path to success!

Elisa Mitchell

What You should Expect

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Personalize Support

Expect a virtual assistant who's all about you – your tasks, your goals, and your unique needs. I'm here to make your life easier and more efficient by providing tailored assistance that integrates seamlessly into your daily routine.


Discover a wide array of services tailored to your needs. From managing your schedule and handling your emails to conducting research and creating detailed reports, my virtual assistance services cover it all.


My virtual assistant service packages are tiered to accommodate diverse needs and budgets, each offering a strategic mix of services tailored to various business requirements and price points.

Recent work

In our recent engagement with Brand XYZ, a retail company looking to enhance their online presence, we designed and implemented a comprehensive social media strategy that transformed their brand perception and significantly boosted engagement.

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Our team focused on curating visually compelling content that resonated with Brand XYZ's target audience, and strategically timed posts to optimize reach. We also engaged in active community management, promptly responding to comments and messages to foster a strong connection between Brand XYZ and their audience.

The results were impressive, with Brand XYZ experiencing a 35% increase in follower count, a 50% uptick in engagement rates, and a substantial increase in website traffic driven from social media channels. The success of this campaign speaks to the effective strategies and dedicated execution that we at [Your Social Media Company] are committed to providing to our clients.

Client testimonials

CEO, Company A

Working with [Your Social Media Company] transformed our social media presence. They are proactive, creative, and deliver results."

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CEO, Company A

"We've seen our online community grow and our brand visibility increase since partnering with [Your Social Media Company]. Their comprehensive reports are a game-changer!"

CEO, Company A

"The dedication and expertise of [Your Social Media Company]'s team are unmatched. Our social media performance has never been better."

CEO, Company A

"[Your Social Media Company]'s team brought fresh ideas and strategic thinking to our social media campaigns, increasing our reach and engagement significantly."

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CEO, Company A

"[Your Social Media Company] has been instrumental in shaping our online identity. They're not just service providers, they're strategic partners."

CEO, Company A

"[Your Social Media Company] is consistently on the ball, delivering high-quality content and engagement strategies that resonate with our audience."

Previous work

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Women in Sheer Dresses at the Beach
Woman in Sheer Dress and Scarf at the Beach
Woman in Sheer Dress at the Beach
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Administrative Support:

Free yourself from administrative tasks and focus on what truly matters while I handle document organization, data entry, and more.

Social Media Management:

I’ll elevate your online presence and engage your audience with strategic social media planning, content creation, and scheduling.

Strategy Development:

We design bespoke, data-driven social media strategies aligned with your business objectives.

Scheduling and Travel Planning:

Make the most of your time with expert scheduling and hassle-free travel arrangements, ensuring a smooth and productive itinerary.


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Package options

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The most complete offering, includes all services from the Growth Package and further enhances it with detailed Strategy Development and Performance Reporting for a fully-managed social media presence.


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Offers comprehensive Content Creation, crafting posts tailored to your brand and audience.


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Builds upon the Starter Package by adding Community Management, nurturing an engaging online community for your brand.


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Our packages, ranging from content creation to comprehensive strategy and reporting, cater to diverse needs. Whether you're starting out or ready to maximize your social media potential, we offer tailored solutions to align with your objectives. Let's explore these options to find the perfect fit for your brand.


Experience the convenience of seamless scheduling, expert trip planning, and efficient email management

Mon-Fri Monitoring

10 Hours Month

Calendar Management

Email Management

1 Hour engagement a week

Travel Planning

Event Planning

Your investment



Builds upon the Personal Package by adding Admin support, and online engagement

Mon-Fri Monitoring

15 Hours Month

Social Management

Admin Support

15 x IG/FB posts a month

5 x IG stories a month

Your investment



The most complete offering, includes all services from the Personal & Professional Package and further enhances it with detailed bookkeeping, data entry, content calendar, and partial monitoring all social networks


20 Hours Month

Data Entry


Content Creation

25 x IG/FB posts a month

15 x IG stories a month

Content Calendar

2 Hour engagement a week

Your investment


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Step 1: Initial Consultation:

We start by discussing your needs and goals.

Step 3: Task Assignment & Execution

I carry out tasks as per the plan's timeline.

Step 4: Contract Agreement

After selecting the right service package, I’ll create a contract with all the necessary details.

Step 2: Strategy Development:

Craft a customized plan for your specific requirements

Step 5: Payment and Invoicing

Once you accept the service proposal, I'll send you a secure invoice for easy payment processing.

Step 6: Ongoing Communication

We maintain open communication for task progress.

Step 7: Revisions and Feedback:

I welcome your input and offer prompt revisions to ensure the tasks align perfectly with your expectations.

What you'll receive from me

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Dedicated Support

Continuous Quality


Clear Communication

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Frequently asked questions


What is the expected timeline for results?

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How will you align your strategy with our brand?

Unity and Teamwork


What platforms will you manage?

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Can we review content before it's posted?

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I’m absolutely thrilled at the opportunity of partnering with you to streamline your professional and personal life. Whether it's managing your schedule, handling your emails, or conducting research, I’m eager to help you achieve your goals. Let's embark on this journey together. Contact me at info@elisavirtual.com or +1.737.701.1140 to discuss how I can tailor my services to meet your unique needs. I look forward to hearing from you!

Elisa Mitchell